About Us

Hi, welcome to OPINIONATEDwhere fashion meets feminism. OPINIONATED is the brainchild of best friends Nicole Hartley and Caroline Bernstein, two young women who believe in the power of loving and supporting other women. The idea to start a clothing line came to Nicole after she had designed some shirts for her college rowing team. That, combined with a long-time interest in social justice and women's rights, led her to the idea of creating clothes that promoted the idea of feminism with part of the proceeds going to women's rights charities. She immediately texted her best friend about her plan, and Caroline, never one to say no to a project, was instantly on board.

Take a look around at our shirts, sweatshirts, and hat designs. We hope you like what you see. Just like the idea of feminism and the feminism movement, our clothing is for everybodyregardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. Join us on our journey to love and support each other, because the world could really use more love and support right now.

With love,

Nicole & Caroline



NICOLE HARTLEY--Co-founder and Co-owner: Nicole is a student at the University of Michigan studying economics and Chinese. She is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and is senior vice president of the Phi Beta Lambda business fraternity. In her senior year of high school, Nicole created a book about strong women leaders in the Princeton, New Jersey area. Nicole loves reading Harry Potter, cooking pad thai, and excessive online shopping.

    CAROLINE BERNSTEIN--Co-founder and Co-owner: Caroline is a student at New York University studying public policy with a focus on health and human rights. She is a member of NYU's Model United Nations. Caroline is passionate about women's rights and mental health awareness. She loves playing with dogs, taking long naps, and getting lost in New York City.






TAYLOR SMITH--Director of Marketing: Taylor is a student at Howard University where she is studying marketing in the School of Business. She is a student ambassador and team leader. Taylor spends her spring breaks volunteering through Howard's alternative breaks program. She is also the web designer for Howard's student council and spent the past summer working for the non-profit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Taylor loves binge-watching on Netflix, going to the beach, and eating caesar salad.